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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 24, 2016 2:05am-2:36am EDT

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learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪ >> ♪ >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> right now at 11 o'clock damaging storms blow through
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the delaware valley. this huge tree came crashing down on two cars in magnolia camden county. a woman inside one of those cars was pulled from the wreckage unharmed. and this iwitness cam video shows rain and hail pouring down a nearby -- in nearby haddon heights. also montgomery county dealt with the weather as well. cbs3 weather watcher lou rue sent us these pictures on trees town all over west norriton. the storms gave us a little bit of a break from the dangerous heat that settled in around the region but temperatures are headed right back up and the hottest day, it is yet to come. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thank you for joining us. tomorrow we're looking at another day of temperatures well above 90. let's get right over to meteorologist lauren casey in our weather center to tell us all about this heat wave. lauren. >> thanks, natasha. first came the extreme heat today and we were only cooled off by severe storms that rolled through the area earlier this evening especially the southern half
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of the delaware valley but now all is quiet on storm scan3 and there's no addition in storm threat as we head not overnight. we return to mostly clear sky conditions but an active few hours especially across parts of pennsylvania and south jersey. caln township near downingtown a-tree falling on septa wires and two people had to be rescued from the train. off brigantine beach a brief water spout developed. barrington trees down on cars as well. laurel lake new jersey some wires down create something power outages but now yes we return to quiet conditions. we did pick up much needed rainfall. close to an inch in haddon heights along with all that hail, quarter size in its size and norristown about a half inch of rainfall same case in clementon about a half inch. it did cool us off from the extreme heat. 97 degrees the high temperature and we were just shy of records all across the delaware valley. 96 in allentown and 95 in atlantic city. do have this heat advisory that kicks back in across the delaware valley as we head
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into monday but an excessive heat warning remains in effect for philadelphia and and along the i-95 corridor through 6 o'clock in the evening on monday as, yes, our hottest day is yet to come. and i'll let you know how hot it will feel on monday if you want to know coming up in just a couple of minutes. >> the next vice president, my friend, senator tim kaine. >> well, just one day after announcing her vice presidential pick via social media hillary clinton and virginia senator tim kaine make thirst first appearance together as running mates. the newly formed ticket is looking for momentum heading into the democratic national convention right here in philadelphia. clinton and kaine stumped in florida emerging to big clears in florida international university in miami. more than half of the student body is hispanic. clinton is hoping that kaine
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who is fluent in spanish can help solidify her support among latino voters. >> i'm grateful to you, hillary clinton for the trust that you've placed in me and we're going to be. [speaking foreign language] in this great. >> kaine has served as a former mayor of richmond virginia and also the governor of virginia. he supported president obama in 2008 and was an early supporter of clinton during this election cycle. kaine and clinton will accept their nominations at the dnc. it kicks off in just two days. right now a security sweep is making driving in parts of south philadelphia extremely difficult today. authorities closed south broad from packer avenue down to the navy yard. and the roadway surrounding the wells fargo center and fdr park are closed off as well. penndot closed i-95's exit ramps to broad street last night. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live in south philadelphia where people are really beginning to feel the
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convention's impact right about now. trang. >> yeah, natasha, this is a major closure right here. this is south broad and packer avenue. now as you can see pedestrians can continue onto broad but drivers are having to turn onto packer. it's created quite a bit of tieups here in this area throughout the day but people who live in this area say that they are well prepared for this. he they got through the republican national convention in 2000 and they say they'll get through this. >> reporter: police officers on the corners and chained off driveways are par for the course in this south philadelphia community. >> we're used to it. you learn to adjust like you have to. either you adjust or you move. >> reporter: people who live in the shadow of the stadiums used to sharing their neighborhood with sports and music fans, they'll soon share the with an estimated 50,000 national convention goers. >> between the phillies games eagles games concerts, the broad street run, so we lived through that we'll live through thissism security is
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tight with nearly 30 agencies including the secret service lending a land to philly police. troopers on stand by on i-95 to stop any trucks over 5 tons from traveling between exits 13 and 22. meanwhile on this sports complex block police have already begun their 24 hour watch. >> always had a cop on the corner. you know, they wouldn't let you through unless you said i'm going visit my mother. what's your mother's name? what's this. >> reporter: the locals say they're prepared for numerous road closures in and around the stadium complex and ftr park. >> he we all have maps and we all know what the route is supposed to be for usism it's the visitors they worry about. >> it will probably -- yeah, it will probably make it a little hassle because there will be other people in the neighborhood that won't know about where they're supposed to he go and stuff and they'll -- they'll -- and they'll slow down traffic. >> reporter: people are not only dealing with road
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closures but also parking restrictions down here. starting tomorrow at 8:00 a.m., the ppa will begin together and ticketing cars parked in the median on south broad. now that ticket will be $51. for now live in south philadelphia, i'm trang do, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> all right, trang, thank you so much. now, with the dnc set for monday, you may notice a lot of bright lights and patriotic decorations around town. the peco building's messaging system features a dazzling display including animation of iconic images from across the region that celebrate the history of our country. also the iconic boathouse low is lit up in patriotic red white and blue colors in honor of the dnc tonight. the recreation department tells us the lighting system was replaced and upgraded just in time for the convention. delegates from all around the country he are arriving in philadelphia this weekend. they're excited to unify the democratic party and also make history. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff has that past
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our coverage tonight. >> reporter: it's not easy to pick a delegate out of a crowd. but at philadelphia international airport they just seem to have an extra pep in their step. >> looking forward to it. >> i was at denver where president obama was first nominated and it was tremendous coming from illinois. >> reporter: this crew is among the 4,765 elected party representatives from around the the country and david miller wants to witness his second history making nomination. >> it just makes it an exciting time for us to be here in the city of brotherly love. >> reporter: buses and cabs will business percent the delegates between 26 hotels. the lowes hotel in center city will host virginia and new york. >> we are focused with our team members here about service excellence. >> i learned the process and really you have to fill out an application 33 put your name on the ballot. >> reporter: david areola traveled from florida to get here. he's just 25 years old and weighed in on hillary
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clinton's vice president choice virginia senator tim kaine. >> he speaks fluent spanish. they're going to go crazy in miami. they're going to love that. some of the other candidates on the short list i think maybe they weren't ready to be president and ultimately that has to be your final factor when you decide who your vice president will be. >> reporter: it is a meeting of the minds as these delegates get ready to hit the convention floor and the streets of philadelphia. as for any down time delegates can use their red he dench charles to access political fest. reporting from independence mall, alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> super delegates. >> we are already seeing some protests before the dnc even begins. demonstrators gathered outside of the dnc rules committee meeting at the pennsylvania convention center this afternoon. they called for an end to the party's super delegate system. today also inside the convention center the rules committee defeated a proposal to end super delegates.
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a super delegate is a party or elected official who is tree free tow cast a vote for any candidate at the convention regardless of whom the voters of their state prefer. critics say it is undemocratic. >> i'm a democrat because i believe in democracy and i believe in the power of one person, one vote. we need to make sure that our party reflects that principle. >> supporters of clinton's former rival senator bernie sanders believe the super delegate system damaged his candidacy. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of campaign 2016 on the road with can kyw news radio and 1210wpht, online with and on tv with cbs news and of course your "eyewitness news" team right here on cbs3. and face the nation with john dickerson will be live in philadelphia tomorrow. tune in at 10:30 a.m. for a special one-on-one interview with president obama right here on cbs3.
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also, join us this monday night at 7 o'clock for a special coverage of the dnc. we'll be broadcasting live from inside the wells fargo center as the national spotlight shines on our city. explore the rich history of conventions including the very first republican convention that was held right here in philly. also, do the delegates think about fill's food soon? all of that and a lot more at 7 o'clock. >> republican nominee donald trump will head back on the campaign trail in pennsylvania next week. he makes a stop in scranton on wednesday. meantime trump is criticizing tim kaine on twitter. he claims clinton's vice presidential pick is a jobs killer for supporting the trans pacific partnership. the republican nominee also vowed to bring jobs back and get wages up. and tonight we learned a philadelphia firefighter died on duty in north philadelphia. officials say gabriel lee of
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ladder company 12 passed away while working his night shift. this happened at the engine 50 and ladder 12 fire station on cambria street. the fire department tells "eyewitness news" the details surrounding firefighter lee's death are can'tl currently under investigation. mourn a thousand runners and walkers brave the intense heat in philly today. how they he helped to raise money for grieving families around the area. lauren. >> yeah, after a day of extreme heat and humidity, the worst is yet to come. an excessive heat warning remains in effect and i'll let you know how much longer we'll be sweating it out in your full forecast coming up. >> also straight ahead in sports scary moments for phillies catcher cameron rupp. he gets hit in the ear. lesley van
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>> welcome back. more than 1,000 people get up really early and get moving. it was all for a great cause this morning. eynon tabernacle baptist church hosted the fitness for either in the run. anita oh has more on who will benefit from this generosity. >> on your mark get set go. >> reporter: athletes or amateur, the large group hit the asphalt saturday morning for the fitness for either in the run organized by eynon tabernacle baptist church. about a thousand people made the four and a half mile trek to eynon's other campus all
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$7,000 raised will benefit the center for grieving children and teens. that's a place tamika hamilton and her three children know very well. >> it's a blessing. we need the support to get us through. >> reporter: to grieve the loss of her husband carl. >> he was killed in a car accident two years ago. so, we have been going ever since then. >> reporter: the services are completely free says the center's directive from an gel richardson which means these funds will allow them to help more children dealing with loss. >> they're able to say this is what i'm feeling, this is what's going on. they're able to express themselves better. then you'll see better behavior in school and at home. >> reporter: eynon reverend he leroy miles says the run has raised more than $120,000 for different community organizations in the past 11 years. >> they're allowing us to be a blessing to our community. >> reporter: he they chose this cause in september almost a divine pick as they could have never predicted a year ahead filled with so much
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pain. >> the violence that we're seeing in our community, the number of stories that you all cover with the tragedy, they're organization when they say grieve counselors are going to be on site they're the folks that show up. >> reporter: for this group the support from each other has been clear whether they're in a grief center or on the ground. >> come on y'all got it. strong finish. >> reporter: reporting in philadelphia -- how are we doing? making the magic happen. >> i'm happy we finisheddism anita oh cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> extreme heat is baking most of the country. in california san fernando valley the heat literally caused thermometers to explode. temperatures are soaring into the high 90's out there on the west coast. wow. can you imagine. >> wow, that is intense. >> my goodness. certainly was hot enough today but the storms rolled through cooling it down a little bit. >> cooling it down a little bit. we wanted the cool down, we needed the rain but the severe weather we could have done without that. >> oh, yeah.
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>> tomorrow we'll stay quiet. hot a little less humid before monday comes. >> that's the brutal day. >> no one is going to like monday. we did get rain cooled air here in city of philadelphia. now all is quiet. center city looking nice and patriotic current temperature 80 degrees but still feeling like 83 degrees with that humidity still present in the atmosphere. and we're getting so used to the 90's. well, maybe we're getting used to it. july so far 10 90-degree days so far this season, 18 90-degree days. can check out last year. it was a hot one as well, 37 90-degree days reported at philadelphia international airport. in an average season we pick up 23. as we head into next week we'll likely surpass that seasonal average. getting a little bit of a break in berks county, 76 in reading, 75 in ac. currently 79 degrees in wildwood but we're not getting a break from the humidity. in some areas do have a stalled out frontal boundary.
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south of the boundary muggy factor still there. dewpoints in the 70's. north poconos feeling more refreshing dewpoints in the 50. good news that frontal boundary is going to sink south as we head into the night. mostly clear 75 degrees but tomorrow it's still going to be toasty, 95 degrees, mostly sunny but not quite as humid but still with that temperature want to take it easy throughout the day tomorrow once again but our comfort index we go to the steamy category through the day tomorrow before monday we're back up in this oppressive to insufferable category and then on top of that we're going to have record heat. our future heat indices, this is monday, this is 9 o'clock in the morning, that says 100 degrees. yes, monday is going to be brutal. by midday, those heat indices up into the triple digits really all across the area and they will only be broken by scattered storms that will move in late in the day on monday but just an altogether extreme heat day with tropical like humidity values so heat is the number one weather killer, really want to take it
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easy on monday. future weather showing us 6 o'clock in the morning on monday maybe a stray thunderstorm possible but most of the activity will come monday afternoon. we'll see some storms firing up. scattered in nature but of the storms that do definitely a few could be on the strong potentially even severe side so not going to see widespread storm activity on monday but of those storms kind of similar to today that do form they could be on the stronger side. sunset on monday that storm threat diminishes. high temperatures for tomorrow will be soaring up into the 90-degree range across much of the area topping at mid 90's in the lehigh valley tomorrow. even down the shore it's going to be a hot one, not as humid, 88 degrees tomorrow, mostly sunny, a chance of a late day strong thunderstorm on monday so do look out for that. the humidity returns, 90 degrees. tuesday kind of better day but still pretty toasty with a high temperature of 88 degrees down the shore. they can this out. our high temperature on monday in the city 99 degrees and that's not even factoring in that humidity. on tuesday, a bit less humid, still toasty, 95 trees, mostly
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sunny. wednesday a mainly dry day but we are still in the 90's once again. we have a quieter second half of the week and the heat won't be as dangerous as we led into the second half of the week but again we're going to he see the stretch of 90's last all the way into the start of next weekend. >> yeah, that's a long stretch there. >> it is. >> we'll take it day by day. thank you lauren. lesley has sports highlights. >> can't start for that training camp, 99 on monday. >> that will be fun. >> so much fun. should the eagles play rookie carson wentz? hall of famer charles barkley who knows everything weighs in on that topic. phillies out in pitt
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>> i remember those days of being out there in pittsburgh watching the pirates. of course my loyalty now is
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clearly here. >> but imagine a day like today sitting at that ballpark. yeah, phillies continuing that 10 game road trip in pittsburgh. phillies taking the first became. they sent aaron nola to the mound today. the last time he was on the hill he threw six shutout innings. maikel franco out of the lineup after getting hit in the wrist last night. right now he's day to day. catcher cameron rupp hit on the side of the helmet taking one to the ear. stayed down for a few minutes but left the field under his own power and showed no signs of concussion. game tied in the fifth cesar hernandez got a hit. cody asche score. phillies take the lead. in the pirates half they chase nola, bases loaded blanco singles to right. pirates then take the lead. so fed reno gonzalez comes in for nola and david frees will hit a grounder past the diving hernandez. two more runs score. nola gave up six runs.
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pirates beat the phils seven to four. fightans three and six after the all-star break. well, this is the last day of freedom for eagles rookies quarterbacks and selected veterans they report tomorrow to the novacare complex to start training camp. they're going to take the field on monday. doug pederson starting his first camp as eagles head coach. all eyes will be on rookie quarterback carson wentz. many of the fans hoping to see him out on the field this season but doug pederson says most likely he will be deactivated. we talked with charles barkley man with an opinion on everything he said carson should sit back and watch. >> i just lope they don't throw him out there. we got sam bradford and chase daniel out there right now. he played in north dakota state so there's going to be a level of adjustment for him playing, you know -- that's not -- they have a great lower program but that's not like they play in the ncc so i hope they don't throw the kid out there and rush him and i just start going downhill and not ever able to recover.
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>> sir charles lake tahoe for the american century challenge. putting for bogey he does love the game and so does actor alphonso ribiero along with steph curry and justin timberlake all doing the carlton dance made famous by alphonso from the tv show fresh prince of belair. pretty good. >> to the pitch. union's final game before the all-star break. on the road against montreal jim curtain's team has won one game away from talon energy stadium. in the 18th minute montreal on the attack nice passing. the ball ends up on the foot of dr a. gbo and andre blake has no chance on that one. montreal crushes the union five to one. north of the border to ontario for the third round of the canadian open. approach shot bid in deck kerr. 10 feet from the cup. he would make the eagle. he shot six under 66.
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he has a one shot lead going into tomorrow's final round which you can catch right here on cbs3. >> all right, lesley thank you very much. stay with us. still to come tonight local kids get an up close look at
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>> ♪ >> welcome back everyone. young children spent some time with philadelphia's bravest at a. please touch museum hosted safety day.
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dozens of children met firefighter andy brown and his friend from the philadelphia fire department. the kids tried on real firefighter gear and lots more and they also learned how firefighters keep their neighborhoods safe. how adorable. don't you wish the real ones looked like that. >> they don't blink ago you. >> yeah, he they don't blink
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>> that's going to do it for us tonight. i'm natasha brown for lesley lauren all of us here. thank you for joining us. if you're up early join our morning team. always remember we're always online, have a great night everyone. take care. >> ♪


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